CI's outreach in Europe
Birds in the Mediterranean Basin Hotspot.
© CI/Photo by Olivier Langrand 
A logical step
The opening of a policy office in Brussels came as a coherent step for CI, building on a history of engagement with European governments and partners which has yielded significant results over the last few years.

CI Europe is part of CI’s Center for Conservation and Government (CCG), created in 2003 to take on the enormous challenge of moving national governments to adopt a vision and policies for protecting the world’s biodiversity and ecosystem services. CCG has always considered Europe as a strategic priority. In 2006, a major partnership was signed with the Government of France, and since then CI has expanded its network in Europe, building important relationships with other governments (especially Germany and Norway), NGOs and foundations, around the vision of a sustainable development path that supports human well-being.

CI’s Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB) is also active in Europe with the presence of a Director for Corporate Relations in Europe, based in Geneva, Switzerland, since February 2010. CI has actively engaged with corporations for more than 20 years for the purpose of improving environmental practices and conserving nature. CELB partners with the private sector to leverage corporate practices, leadership and resources to sustain healthy ecosystems and sustainable development. The position based in Europe works across key industries on innovative business practices that reduce companies’ ecological footprint and increase strategic investments in conservation.

Finally, some European corporations are long-time partners of CI’s Conservation Steward Program (CSP). The purpose of this program is to bridge conservation and development through innovative conservation agreements with communities who own or rely on natural resources. CSP approach helps conserve biodiversity while improving the quality of life for local communities.