Port Nolloth Bird Park
© CI/Photo by S. Davids

The Port Nolloth Bird Park is a conservation-orientated programme aimed at conserving the wetland at the entrance to Port Nolloth. The wetland constitutes the only body of fresh water in the area and is home to a wide variety of bird life. The project has several conservation assets including an educational indigenous garden.

Climate change is likely to impact this project through direct impacts on the water level in the wetland itself, as well as potential, though as yet not well understood, impacts on the bird’s migration patterns and population numbers.

To support the development and maintenance of the indigenous garden and develop the environmental education potential of the project, CAP, CSA and CitiGroup arranged for a 5000l rainwater harvesting and storage system and windbreak materials, to minimise water loss from evaporation, to be delivered in April 2011.