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Climate Diaries

The climate diary process, initially started by Indigo Change and Development’s work with small-scale rooibos farmers, has been hugely successful as part of SKEPPIES. Project implementers, from a variety of environmental enterprises, have found the monitoring process, log book, and instruments very useful. For some projects, the process was so useful for planning that they were able to show a direct impact on profitability and other operational considerations.

Participants in the programme took their new knowledge with them to the rural communities that they live in and shared it with others. Without exception, participants valued the process highly, wanted to continue with the monitoring after the pilot phase, and even proposed ways that they could extend their monitoring where appropriate.

The climate diary process is constantly evolving in response to the requirements of participating projects and we now provide a 3-month weather forecast to further assist with planning and comparisons.

Regularly engaging with the projects around the climate diary process assisted with our planning when it came to designing climate change workshops that were relevant and appropriate, using participatory methods to identify climate adaptation technologies, and identifying priority needs and areas for action.

The diaries represent the beginnings of a slowly growing database on weather patterns in the Succulent Karoo and the impact that these are having on livelihoods at the local level.

The diary format remains as a ‘page-a-day’ log completed in 3 month cycles.

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