Leliefontein and Kamieskroon Kookskerm Projects
​​Potjiekos "pot food" is the traditional food of the Namaqualand region.  Local women have started their own food network where tourists can sample this simple, yet tasty,  fayre all across Namaqualand.
© CI/Photo by Tessa Mildenhall

The Kookskerms use traditional Namakwa food, cooked on open fires, in tradition huts, as a tourism attraction in their local villages. They also attend festivals, shows, and exhibitions, and cater at conferences and big meetings locally.

Dependent on water for cooking, cleaning, and entertaining, and operating in already water-scarce areas, changes in water availability will have a profound impact on the viability of their businesses.

The CitiGroup funding has, through CAP and CSA, provided each project with a 5000 lb water tank and installation materials. These were delivered in April 2011.

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