Bravo Pro Port Nolloth Kelp Harvesting Project
© CI/Photo by Mike Matarasso

The Bravo Pro Kelp Drying Project in Port Nolloth is able to produce 15-20 tons of dried and milled kelp in a month, weather permitting. Successful planning for the weather has the potential to have a great impact on the sustainability of the project, and Bravo Pro has been using the diaries and monitoring equipment regularly with their daily planning for their business activities.

The project requested protective tarpaulins to cover the harvested kelp and assist with drying on frequent misty days. Six 6 meter by 6 meter tarpaulins made from recycled PVC were delivered to the project in April 2011. CAP assisted the project with sourcing sheeting materials to cover a polytunnel that will also be used for drying harvested kelp out of the elements.

These interventions will increase productivity at Bravo Pro by up to 200 percent. In March 2011, CSA and CitiGroup also donated a digital anemometer and digital submersible thermometer to Bravo Pro in order to further develop their climate monitoring capabilities.