Policy and Markets
© CI/Photo by Sarah Frazee
© CI/Photo by Sarah Frazee

The policy and Markets approach of CSA focuses on the developing policy and market linkages to support the restoration and conservation of healthy ecosystems in the following areas of South African legislation and government programmes:

Design and implement activities to influence SA’s National Green Economy Strategy and portfolio of programmes to maximise benefits to and from healthy ecosystems, including the promotion of a national Payment for Ecosystem Services scheme focusing on freshwater provision.
Design and implement activities to influence relevant agriculture and land reform legislation as well as farm industry bodies to adopt and provide necessary extension and financial resources to implement the Green Choice Well Managed Farm Reference in SA’s production landscape.
Design and implement activities to influence climate change response strategies across all levels of SA government and major corporate players, particularly those relevant to CSA field demonstration projects, as well as contribute experiences from SA to CI’s international policy efforts and the Climate Action Partnership network that CSA pioneered.
CSA creates an enabling environment for decision makers and partners to take action to protect South Africa’s three biodiversity hotspots.  We do this as a collective and influence policies and markets and facilitate capacity building and awareness raising.