A shepherd in Namaqualand. © Frank Hawkins
A shepherd in Namaqualand.
© Frank Hawkins
GreenChoice is a coordinating body that brings together retailers, scientists, academics, producers, manufacturers and our conservation partners.

By working with a network of projects and partners, who operate within the GreenChoice Framework, CSA’s GreenChoice Alliance aims to create a favorable environment for sustainable agriculture and to support the scaling up of sustainable agricultural production and fisheries initiatives across South Africa.

The GreenChoice Alliance works with Business and Biodiversity Initiatives within South Africa, providing networking support across the supply chain, as well as guidelines and monitoring tools to existing and new producers initiatives.

The GreenChoice Alliance aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the environmental impacts associated with the production of food, flowers and animal fibers.
  • Establish mechanisms for information sharing, improved funding and the provision of technical support to sustainable agricultural initiatives.
  • Accelerate the adoption of Better Management Practices by producers;
  • Identify and drive market mechanisms and incentives that encourage better farming and fisheries practices;
  • Support research which identifies costs, barriers and incentives for sustainable production and pro-environmental behavior throughout the value chain;
  • Communicate a clear business case for the retailer and farmer;
  • Assess the linkages between agriculture, food security, poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation across South Africa.

IN DEPTH: Explore the GreenChoice producer initatives.

The Green Choice Partnership was founded by Conservation International South Africa, South African National Biodiversity Insitute, Botanical Society of South Africa, CAPE, CapeNature, Endangered Wildlife Trust, WWF South Africa, Cape Leopard Trust, Flower Valley Conservation Trust, Landmark Foundation and the Wilderness Foundation​.