Climate Action Partnership
Quiver Tree, Succulent Karoo. © CI/Photo by John Martin
Quiver Tree, Succulent Karoo.
© CI/Photo by John Martin
'Sustainable Communities' is a Wildlands Conservation Trust programme, improving people's livelihoods, educating people about the environment, and developing entrepreneurial skills, while conserving South Africa's unique forest habitats.
The Biodiversity Stewardship programme, managed by Wildlands Conservation Trust, aims to satisfy both landowners' needs and those of the environment.
With the support of The DG Murray Trust this project aims to develop and implement strategies to rehabilitate degraded seasonal freshwater systems in the Nama Karoo.
EcoSchools, a programme that gives recognition to schools displaying environmental awareness and action, is, in conjunction with CAP, supporting the integration of a climate change curriculum into schools across South Africa.