A plant in Bontebok National Park. © CI/Photo by Haroldo Castro
A plant (Protea venusta) in Bontebok National Park.
© CI/Photo by Haroldo Castro
CSA has played, and will continue to play, an instrumental role in brokering deals, facilitating the development and adoption of best practices for industry, and acting as a liaison between grassroots projects and national government programmes.
We believe that in order to preserve our planet’s biological riches we have to work together to get the job done. Our steadfast belief is that together we can make a difference.

Working and strengthening the efforts of a wide-range of partners, we are poised to address the most pressing threats to South Africa's environment, while positively contributing to the formation of new answers to the country's social and economic problems — shared challenges that affect us all.

Corporate partners

We’ve always taken pride in our relationships with smart and creative corporate allies. Many have been making a difference for decades, others are just getting started, but each has a big role to play.

Government partners

Because the state of our environment affects every aspect of our country, including the social, political and economic landscapes, we partner with those in the highest levels of government to help prioritize our efforts and write conservation into law.


We’re not the only NGO doing great work, nor would we want to be. That’s why we work closely with others making a difference.


Conserving this precious planet of ours is about working together and we know that we could not achieve half of what we do without the support of the communities in which we work.

Every person, business, and government can and must act in the best interest of the environment.
Safeguarding the health of people and our planet is the responsibility of everyone who benefits from nature's bounty. We must act together to ensure the health and diversity of life on Earth for generations.