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Our Experts

At Conservation International, we are proud to have some of the leading minds in natural and social science, policy, finance and business​ ​working together to design solutions that will improve people’s lives through the care and protection of nature. Their insights are helping societies develop and thrive in a more sustainable, equitable way.

Our experts are available for speaking engagements and interviews in many different languages and locations. To learn more, please contact the media team.


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Percy Summers, Ph.D.

Director, USAID Sustainable Landscape Program, Conservation International-Peru

Percy Summers is the director of sustainable landscapes for Conservation International Peru.

Ricardo Ulate

Director, Sustainable Development, Global Policy and Government Relations

​Ricardo Ulate has been involved in providing support to Central American countries in creating capacities and advancing in the design of REDD+ strategies, climate change and environmental services frameworks. Ricardo has also supported the Costa Rican delegation to the UNFCCC during the last few years.

Theresa Buppert

Director, Rights, Governance and Social Policy, Center for Environment and Peace

Theresa Buppert helps to advance Conservation International’s rights-based approach to conservation by promoting the integration of human rights in conservation action through the development of institutional social policies to guide our work as well as through engagement in key policy arenas affecting communities.

Trond Larsen, Ph.D.

Director, Rapid Assessment Program, Moore Center for Science

Dr. Trond Larsen has worked on a broad range of projects regarding the causes and consequences of biodiversity loss across the tropics, often using invertebrate taxa as a model.

Colleen Sorto

Senior Manager, Center for Environment and Peace

Colleen Sorto works on developing and implementing Conservation International’s global freshwater strategy, with a focus on promoting integrated landscape planning and field-based partnerships with development organizations.

Lian Pin Koh, Ph.D.

Principal, Science Partnerships and Innovation, Moore Center for Science

Dr. Lian Pin Koh plays a key role in strengthening Conservation International’s existing science partnerships and in developing new strategic relationships with academia, technology companies and other NGOs.

Candido Pastor

Manger, Technical Support, Conservation International-Bolivia

Candido Pastor works to establish agreements and advise political representatives at both national and local levels in sustainable management policies. Candido has been directly involved in the creation of ecotourism policies and successful environmental initiatives in Bolivia.

Kame Westerman

Advisor, Gender and Conservation, Center for Environment and Peace

Kame Westerman advances gender equity, human rights and women’s leadership in conservation initiatives. As Conservation International’s Gender and Conservation Advisor, Kame works across projects and programs to promote practical and culturally appropriate ways to integrate gender considerations into field and policy initiatives.

Kellee Koenig

Senior GIS Manager, Cartographer, Moore Center for Science

Kellee Koenig’s role at Conservation International focuses on the cartographic production of high-level map products, GIS, cartographic training and support, and spatial data management. Kellee has produced over 1,000 maps to date, which are used for scientific publications, communications materials, presentations, and proposals.

Pablo Obregon

Manager, Fisheries, Center for Oceans

Pablo Obregon specializes in the design and implementation of science-based and socio-economically suitable management strategies that are conducive to the sustainable use of fisheries resources.

Yoji Natori, Ph.D.

Manager, Corporate Engagement, Conservation International-Japan

Dr. Yoji Natori works on issues related to the Convention on Biological Diversity, the biodiversity aspect of REDD+, as well as domestic conservation issues.

Luis Barquin-Valle

Managing Director, DGM Global Executing Agency

Luis Barquin-Valle manages the Global Project of the Dedicated Grant Mechanism, a unique partnership and innovative model for climate finance in which indigenous peoples and local communities lead the design, implementation, and governance of efforts to enhance the role of communities in forests and climate action.

Fanny Gauttier

Manager, EU Policy and Sustainable Production, Conservation International Europe

Fanny Gauttier is the Manager for EU Policy and sustainable production at Conservation International Europe. She oversees engagement with the relevant EU and member states institutions on deforestation and climate issues, and facilitates relationships with EU negotiators.

Milagros Sandoval

Regional Climate Change Director, Americas Field Division

Milagros Sandoval leads and serves as liaison of Conservation International’s climate strategy in the Americas. She supports the design and implementation of regional climate priorities, as well as establishing and monitoring targets, and advancing key partnerships. In Peru, she has led the design and implementation of initiatives to reduce deforestation involving sustainable supply chains with local and indigenous communities.

Simon Badcock

Senior Advisor, Sustainable Land/Seascapes

Simon Badcock manages the Sustainable Landscapes Partnership (SLP), which is a public-private partnership that invests in replicable low carbon business models that reduce pressure on forests, support economic growth, improve livelihoods, and expand community income-earning opportunities in Indonesia.

Fabio Arjona

Vice President, Conservation International-Colombia

Miroslav Honzák, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Assessing Nature's Value, Moore Center for Science

Dr. Miroslav Honzák’s research focuses on complex systems analysis of ecosystem services trade-offs and tipping points. Miroslav develops strategic partnerships with leading international conservation and development institutions, academia, government agencies and businesses, and facilitates dissemination of research findings.