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Our Experts

At Conservation International, we are proud to have some of the leading minds in natural and social science, policy, finance and business​ ​working together to design solutions that will improve people’s lives through the care and protection of nature. Their insights are helping societies develop and thrive in a more sustainable, equitable way.

Our experts are available for speaking engagements and interviews in many different languages and locations. To learn more, please contact the media team.


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Jorge Ahumada, Ph.D.

Senior Wildlife Conservation Scientist, Moore Center for Science

​​​Dr. Jorge ​A. ​Ahumada​'s work with Conservation International ​features the use of camera traps ​and the ​Wildlife Picture Index​ ​​to monitor vertebrates.​ He is ​interest​ed​​ in applying mathematical models to solve applied conservation problems ​through projects that vary from studying the impacts of climate change on disease and biodiversity to incorporating the effects of temperature and rainfall on models of disease-transmitting carriers.

Laure Katz

Blue Nature Senior Director and Technical Director for the Ocean Fund, Center for Oceans

​​Laure Katz is a marine scientist and conservation practitioner with more than a decade of experience in Indonesia, the Galapagos Islands, the Pacific Line islands and California.

Lee Hannah, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist, Climate Change Biology, Moore Center for Science

Dr. Lee Hannah heads Conservation International’s efforts to develop conservation responses to climate change. Lee works collaboratively with the Bren School and UC Santa Barbara to model climate impacts on species in California, and with the National Botanical Institute in Cape Town, South Africa to model biotic change resulting from global warming in biodiversity hot spots in that region.

Lina Barrera

Senior Director, International Policy, Social and Environmental Governance

​Lina Barrera leads Conservation International’s engagement in international policy arenas that that impact Conservation International priorities, such as those related to climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development. She works across the institution with field staff, scientists, and other experts to ensure that natural capital and its contribution to human well-being are fully considered in international policy decisions.

Maggie Comstock

Senior Director, Climate Policy, Global Policy and Government Relations

As the Senior Director of Climate Policy at Conservation International, Maggie Comstock leads the institution’s work to support nature-based solutions to climate mitigation and adaptation within global policy frameworks.​

Marielle Canter Weikel

Senior Director, Responsible Mining and Energy, Center for Environmental Leadership in Business

Marielle is senior director for responsible mining and energy at Conservation International, where she has worked since 2002. She leads program strategy and partnerships to engage multinational energy and mining companies in developing more sustainable environmental policies and practices.

Robin Abell

Freshwater Lead, Global Strategy Group, Moore Center for Science

Robin Abell is Conservation International’s Freshwater Lead.

Rosimeiry Portela, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Ecological Economist, Moore Center for Science

Dr. Rosimeiry Portela leads research that relies on a variety of modeling techniques to estimate the benefits and values of ecosystem services in terrestrial and marine environments.

Sarah Frazee

Herding for Health Climate Project Director, GCF Botswana

Sarah Frazee is passionate about and dedicated to global biodiversity conservation with a keen interest in the role of business and economics in conservation.

Shyla Raghav

Climate Change Lead, Global Strategy Group

Shyla Raghav leads Conservation International’s climate strategy to build and support the development and implementation of climate change mitigation and adaptation action globally.

Steven Panfil, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Project Development and Implementation, Green Climate Fund Agency

​Dr. Steven Panfil, Sr. Director, Project Development & Implementation, GEF & GCF Agencies, is an authority on protecting and restoring forests as a way to fight climate change.

Sue Taei

Executive Director, Pacific Oceanscape Programme, Asia-Pacific Field Division

Sue Taei manages various Conservation International projects in and across the Pacific Islands that are related to marine conservation and management. Sue is involved in several major conservation initiatives at national, regional and international levels, including the Pacific Oceanscape, the Phoenix Islands Protected Areas (PIPA) and the Cook Islands Marine Park.

Sushma Shretha, Ph.D.

Social Scientist, Indigenous & Community Governance, Moore Center for Science

Sushma Shretha is a social scientist at the Moore Center for Science at Conservation International, leading efforts to map territories governed by indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs) globally to better understand IPLCs’ contributions to conservation.

Tatiana Ramos

Executive Director, Conservation International-Mexico

Angela Andrade

Director, Environmental Policy, Conservation International-Colombia

Angela Andrade has participated in Climate Change and Biodiversity negotiations and has helped coordinate the National Adaption Program to Climate Change Adaption in Columbia.

Curan Bonham

Director, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Conservation Finance Division

Curan Bonham is responsible for assessing the impacts of investments within the Global Conservation Fund and Verde Ventures portfolios. Curan is the person to turn to for questions about monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment, impact investing, and conservation finance.

Guilherme Dutra

Director, Marine Program, Conservation International-Brazil

Guilherme Dutra leads a series of initiatives to support the implementation and expansion of the Marine Protected Areas network in the Abrolhos region and other parts of Brazil. Dutra has coordinated efforts to increase the knowledge and recognition of the importance the Abrolhos coral reefs, as well as developing management solutions that influence marine conservation in the country.

Johnson Cerda

Director, DGM Global Executing Agency

Johnson Cerda conducts research related to climate change, biodiversity and protected areas in Ecuador. Johnson is currently a member of the GEF/NGO Committee that represents the indigenous peoples of Latin America.

Marco Quesada, Ph.D.

Director, Conservation International-Costa Rica

Dr. Marco Quesada Alpizar specializes in marine conservation, marine policy, and fisheries policy and management. Marco has been involved in the creation of Costa Rica’s largest marine protected area through the Costa Rica program, as well as designing and implementing policies for Costa Rica’s National Maritime Enforcement Strategy.

Michael Cooperman, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, Freshwater Ecology and Fisheries, Moore Center for Science

Michael Cooperman, Ph.D., provides technical guidance and support to Conservation International's strategy and projects focusing on freshwater issues. Michael’s current projects include developing a comprehensive research program addressing how climate change will affect inland fisheries yield and helping to design long term monitoring and management plans related to hydro-power development.