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Nature is the key to solving many of our world’s most pressing challenges.

It supports sustainable livelihoods, slows down the pace of global climate change, and even minimizes the risk of future pandemics. But we can only unlock these benefits by creating a healthier and more sustainable relationship with nature.

Conservation International cordially invites you to People Need Nature, a series of in-depth conversations on what we must do to help people and nature thrive, together. Every session will take you to the front lines of conservation efforts around the world and offer an opportunity to speak with CI scientists, government officials, and industry leaders about some of our most pressing conservation challenges.


Previous events

CI Hawai`i and the ‘Aha’ moment

Join Conservation International Hawai`i team members for an in depth look at the ways their work unifies communities, industries, and government to return abundance to Hawai`i and the world.

Climate Week goes virtual – What’s new and what’s next?

Join Conservation International Vice President of Climate Change, Shyla Raghav, and Conservation International Environmental Governance Fellow, Rachel Golden Kroner, Ph. D., for an exclusive look behind the scenes at the upcoming New York Climate Week.

What can indigenous wisdom teach us about climate change?

Conservation International Board member Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim and Conservation International CEO Dr. M. Sanjayan discuss the importance of Indigenous knowledge in the fight against climate change.


How does nature protect the global economy?

The benefits of protecting 30 percent of the world’s land and sea outweigh the costs 5 to 1, according to a new report. Co-authored by more than 100 economists and scientists, including Conservation International Leadership Council Member and renowned ecologist Thomas Lovejoy, the report explores the effects of protected areas and national parks across a variety of sectors, including agriculture, fisheries and nature conservation. Featured speakers: Thomas Lovejoy, United Nations Foundation Senior Fellow, and University Professor of Environmental Science & Policy, George Mason University; and Dr. M. Sanjayan, Chief Executive Officer, Conservation International.


How does COVID-19 impact Amazonia?

A critical discussion about the numerous ways COVID-19 has impacted Amazonia and the 30 million people who call it home. Featuring: Chief Tashka Yawanawá, Yawanawá People of Acre, Brazil; Mauricio Bianco, Vice President, Brazil, Conservation International; Lisa Famolare, Acting Senior Vice President of Americas, Conservation International; and Daniela Raik, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Conservation International.


Economics and Ecology of Pandemic Prevention

Recent research by Conservation International scientists suggests a long term investment in pandemic prevention costs trillions less than current estimates of a two-year response to COVID-19. Reducing deforestation, monitoring disease spillover, restricting illegal wildlife trade, and limiting the sale and consumption of wild animals could help the global economy protect itself from future crises. Featured speakers: Jorge Ahumada, Ph. D., Senior Wildlife Scientist, Conservation International; Lee Hannah, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Climate Change Biology, Conservation International; and Shyla Raghav, Vice President Climate Change, Conservation International.


The Surf Conservation Partnership: Protecting world-class waves and vital marine ecosystems

A discussion with the Surf Conservation Partnership, a groundbreaking collaboration between Conservation International and Save The Waves. This partnership is mobilizing surfing communities around the world to establish Surf Protected Areas that conserve millions of acres of coral reef, mangroves, and coastal forest and protect hundreds of waves. Featured speakers: ‘Aulani Wilhelm, Senior Vice President, Center for Oceans, Conservation International; Scott Atkinson, Director, Surf Conservation Partnership, Conservation International; Nik Strong-Cvetich, Executive Director, Save The Waves; and Shaun Tomson, Leadership Activist and Author.


The Future We Choose 

A discussion with Christiana Figueres, former UN Climate Chief and one of the architects of the Paris Agreement, about the book she recently co-authored, The Future We Choose: Surviving The Climate Crisis. The book is a practical, optimistic, empowering call to arms encouraging each of us to play our part in building a thriving future that is still possible – if we act now. Featured speakers: Christiana Figueres, Founding Partner, Global Optimism; and M. Sanjayan, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Conservation International. 


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