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EditPhoto Title:UNFCCC COP 20
EditPhoto Description:Lima, Peru, December 1-12, 2014
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EditImage Description:Sunrise from a canopy tower overlooking the Amazon Forest. © Luana Luna
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20th Conference of Parties

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


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    The UNFCCC 20th Conference of Parties, an international decision making forum on climate change action, will take place December 1-12, 2014 in Lima, Peru. With limited negotiation sessions before the final climate agreement discussions at the 2015 COP in Paris, parties will discuss topics that including Finance, National Adaptation Plans, REDD+, and Loss and Damage. Increasing ambition prior to 2020 is an essential piece of negotiations covered by the Ad hoc working group on the Durban Platform (ADP).

    Our Role

    Seeking to define elements of a comprehensive 2015 agreement that is equitable and robust, CI is attending COP 20 with the intention to contribute our science, field experience, and policy expertise to dialogues. CI acts as an advisor to governments, providing analysis, data, and policy options before and during the negotiations, while some members of CI staff will work closely with the national delegations of their native countries. Our engagement covers key areas such as the design and scope of the 2015 climate change agreement, REDD+, ecosystem-based adaptation, coastal ecosystems, agriculture, and finance.

    Our positions on negotiation items are as follows: ​​​​​​​​

    • ADP: In Lima, Parties will continue their discussions through session 2-7 of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform (ADP). The ADP is tasked with the 2015 climate agreement that will go into effect in 2020, as well as collective action pre-2020. One of the main expectations of the Lima COP is to generate draft text for the ADP that will frame country commitments and contributions in the first quarter of 2015 to guide the final form of the 2015 climate agreement, negotiated over the course of 2015. As a result, the ADP negotiation streams will be of key importance in Lima, and Parties will be under pressure to make progress towards the elements of the ADP work streams.
    • REDD+: A primary purpose of the Cancun safeguards is to ensure that REDD+ avoids negative social and environmental impacts and that it enhances other social and environmental benefits. As such, robust systems for providing information on how all the safeguards are being addressed and respected, and the public and transparent disclosure of information from these systems, including through the provision of summaries to the UNFCCC, is vital to the sustainability of REDD+. The development of a safeguard information system (SIS) and the provision of information to the UNFCCC are opportunities for REDD+ countries, and our coalition submission to SBSTA on SIS offers experiences on the subject.
    • Finance:
      • We urge Parties to develop a viable model for mobilizing innovative and private sector sources, including both market and non-market mechanisms. The mechanisms will need to accommodate funds from all sources in order to leverage the agreed $100 billion annually by 2020.
      • We urge the Parties to scale up contributions to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and Adaptation Fund (AF) by making concrete commitments toward their capitalization from all sources.
    • National Adaptation Plans (NAPs): We urge the Parties to require the inclusion of considerations of ecosystems and ecosystem services underpinning human development and adaptation to climate change in all National Adaptation Plans.
    • Loss and Damage: We urge the Parties to create robust strategies, as well as clear institutional and financing mechanism, to address the harm caused by long-term climate impacts that will be difficult or impossible to adapt to, and recognise the role of healthy ecosystems in mitigating future loss and damage.
    • Nairobi Work Program: We urge the Parties to integrate the technical services of the Nairobi Work Program fully into the ongoing processes underway through the National Adaptation Plans and Loss and Damage streams.

    CI also works with partners to circulate practical tools to support climate initiatives, including technical guides and position papers. CI prepared position papers to inform this negotiation, which can be accessed below.

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    Our delegation

    • Angela Andrade, CI-Colombia
    • Luis Barquin, Policy Center
    • Lina Barrera, Policy Center
    • Amanda Bourne, Conservation South Africa
    • Rowan Braybrook, Policy Center
    • Maggie Comstock, Policy Center
    • Johnson Cerda, Policy Center
    • Joanna Durbin, Climate Community and Biodiversity Alliance
    • Luis Espinel, CI-Peru
    • Aurelie Lhumeau, Climate Community and Biodiversity Alliance
    • Atsuko Nishikawa, CI-Japan
    • Maria Josella Pangilinan, CI-Philippines
    • Steven Panfil, Science and Oceans
    • Shyla Raghav, Policy Center
    • Ana Maria Rodriguez, Science and Oceans
    • Agustin Silvani, Ecosystem Finance
    • Lilian Spijkerman, CI-GEF
    • Marc Steininger, Science and Oceans
    • Percy Summers, CI-Peru
    • Ricardo Ulate, CI-Costa Rica
    • Kristen Walker, Policy Center

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