The 18th Conference of the Parties in Doha, Qatar

This conference took place November 26 – December 7, 2012. At the UNFCCC's 18th Conference of the Parties (COP18) in Doha, Qatar, governments from every country on Earth had an important opportunity to define the way forward for the Durban Platform.

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Our role

Building on a solid foundation of climate science, field work and policy engagement, CI is working with governments to define an ambitious global climate agreement, emphasizing the role that natural ecosystems can play in dramatically cutting emissions and preserving the adaptive potential of our biosphere. Our climate work helps to ensure that participating world leaders and a diverse group of stakeholders have the best possible information and tools to inform their decisions.

In Doha, national delegations were joined by indigenous groups, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), the private sector and other decision-makers. CI staff members working in nearly 10 countries participated in the meeting as both national representatives and observers to inform and advise governments and key stakeholders on important issues based on our field experience and scientific and policy expertise.


Following two weeks of largely unproductive negotiations in Qatar, and two historic storms on opposite sides of the planet that have taken terrible tolls on lives and livelihoods, CI expresses deep disappointment at the failure of world leaders to act urgently or responsibly in addressing the scale of cooperation, compromise and investment required by the multiple threats of global climate change to people.

Read more in our press release: Divided Nations: A Crisis of Priorities and Procrastination Threatens Global Security, Following Weak U.N. Climate Talks

Download: CI Analysis of Climate Negotiations in Doha, Qatar (PDF - 242 KB)

Our delegation

  • Agustin Silvani, Ecosystems Finance and Markets
  • Andy Wilson, Development
  • Angela Andrade, CI-Colombia/IUCN
  • Aurelie Lhumeau, Ecosystem Finance and Markets
  • Bruna Campos, CI-EU/BirdLife
  • Candido Pastor, CI-Bolivia
  • Claudio Schneider, CI-Peru
  • Emily Pidgeon, Global Marine
  • Fred Boltz, Center for Environment and Peace
  • Joanna Durbin, Ecosystems Finance and Markets
  • Johnson Cerda, Center for Environment and Peace
  • Jonah Busch, Moore Center for Ecosystem Science and Economics
  • Kate Hanford, Center for Environment and Peace
  • Kana Yamashita, CI-Japan
  • Milagros Sandoval, CI-Peru
  • Molly Bergen, News and Publicity
  • Patrick Manu, IT
  • Patricia Baiao, CI-Brazil
  • Preeya Rampersaud, CI-Guyana
  • Rebecca Chacko, Center for Environment and Peace
  • Ricardo Ulate, Center for Environment and Peace
  • Shyla Raghav, Center for Environment and Peace

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      Other Publications
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      More of Our Work Links

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