Convention on Biological Diversity

The 11th Conference of the Parties

This conference took place in Oct 8 – 19, 2012 in Hyderabad, India. Conservation International welcomes the meaningful advancement made by countries towards protecting Earth’s biodiversity — the renewable natural capital that is vital for the continued wellbeing of humanity — but warns that much more should be done this decade to stem the rapid loss of biological diversity.

Parties set a financing target that doubles current international financial flows from developed to developing countries by 2015. That same level of investment will be maintained until 2020.

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Our role

At the Hyderabad meeting, delegations from 192 countries and the EU were joined by indigenous groups and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), including CI staff members working in 9 countries world-wide. In addition to acting in a general advisory capacity for government representatives, some members of CI staff served on the national delegations of their native countries, including Costa Rica, Madagascar and Ecuador.

Through CI's participation at Hyderabad, we supported CBD Parties as they worked to achieve an agreement on the amount of financing necessary to accomplish the Aichi Targets. In addition, we encouraged agreement on technical guidance on implementing the Targets, particularly on the safeguards necessary for REDD+​. CI's team was at COP 11 to ensure that 8 years from now, in 2020, we have successfully made advances towards a healthy and sustainable planet through slowing the loss of biodiversity in order to support our children and children's children for many generations to come.​​​​​​​​

Our delegation

Adrienne McKeehan, Center for Conservation and Government
Andrew Kolb, News and Public Relations
Angela Andrade, CI-Colombia
Bruna Campos, CI-EU
Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, Center for Conservation and Government
Colleen Vollberg, Center for Conservation and Government
Fred Boltz, Center for Conservation and Government
Haja Rasambainarivo, IT
Helena Pavese, CI-Brazil
Iben Munck, Center for Conservation and Government
Jack Tordoff, EFM-Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund/IUCN
Jonas Rupp, Global Marine
Julie Shaw, EFM-Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund
Kate Hanford, Center for Conservation and Government
Leon Rajaobelina, CI-Madagascar
Lina Barrera, Center for Conservation and Government
Luis Suarez, CI-Ecuador
Mandy Devine, EFM-Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund
Martha Stein-Sochas, Center for Conservation and Government
Patricia Zurita, EFM-Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund
Pierre Carret, EFM-Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund
Rindra Ranaivoarison, IT
Roberto Ulloa, CI-Ecuador
Russ Mittermeier, President
Theresa Buppert, Center for Conservation and Government
Yoji Natori, CI-Japan