Convention on Biological Diversity

The 10th Conference of the Parties

This conference took place in Oct 18-29, 2010 in Nagoya, Japan. In Nagoya, nearly 200 countries reached a historic accord to preserve the world’s biodiversity – and the benefits that humanity receives from it. The agreement represents a critical step forward in slowing the global extinction crisis. CI is pleased by the trust that delegates at the CBD meetings placed in us, and we look forward to working with the international community to ensure that the world continues to safeguard all of nature’s resources for the benefit of everyone, everywhere.

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Our role

At the Nagoya meeting, delegations from 192 countries and the EU will be joined by indigenous groups and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), including CI staff members working in 13 countries. In addition to acting in a general advisory capacity for government representatives, some members of CI staff will serve on the national delegations of their native countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Madagascar, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, the DRC, Japan and Indonesia.

Through CI’s participation at Nagoya, we hope to influence the implementation of policies to achieve four main goals:

  • Create biodiversity targets that protect at least 25 percent of terrestrial and inland water areas and 15 percent of marine territories.
  • Emphasize the importance of protecting the right areas for maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services and achieving the post-2010 CBD goals.
  • Ensure that freshwater protection is more widely recognized as an essential component of biodiversity conservation.
  • Reach agreement to encourage economic incentives that fully value the benefits that biodiversity provides for human well-being, encourage sustainable conservation activities and discourage destructive ones.

Our delegation

Adrienne McKeehan, Center for Conservation & Government
Andy Rosenberg, Science + Knowledge
Angela Andrade, CI-Colombia/IUCN
Asako Isobe, CI-Japan
Benoit Kisuki, CI-Central Africa
Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, Center for Conservation & Government & Costa Rica
Chris Margules, Field Programs
Christine Dragisic, CELB
Claude Gascon, Field Programs
Conrad Savy, Science + Knowledge
Ella Outlaw, Exec.
Fabio Scarano, CI-Brazil
Frank Hawkins, Field Programs
Frank Larsen, Science + Knowledge
Fred Boltz, Global Initiative
Greg Stone, Global Marine
Haja Rasambainarivo, Information Technology
Heather Luca, Marketing + Communications
Jatna Supriatna, CI-Indonesia
Jason Anderson, Marketing + Communications
Jennifer McCullough, Center for Conservation & Government
Jennifer Morris, Ecosystem Finance Division
John De Wet, CI-Botswana
Johnson Cerda, Center for Conservation & Government
Kana Yamashita, CI-Japan
Kim McCabe, Marketing + Communications
Kristen Walker, Center for Conservation & Government
Leah Bunce Karrer, Science + Knowledge
Leon Rajaobelina, CI-Madagascar
Lina Barrera, Center for Conservation & Government
Luis Espinel, CI-Peru
Luis Suarez, CI-Ecuador
Mark Phillips, Marketing + Communications
Michaela Frisbie, Center for Conservation & Government
Michele Andrianarisata, CI-Madagascar
Olivier Langrand, Center for Conservation & Government
Patricia Baiao, CI-Brazil
Patricia Yakabe Malentaqui, Marketing + Communications
Patrick Manu, Information Technology
Peter Seligmann, Chief Executive Officer
Rosimeiry Portela, Science + Knowledge
Russ Mittermeier, President
Theresa Buppert, Center for Conservation & Government
Yasushi Hibi, CI-Japan
Yoji Natori, CI-Japan

CEPF Delegation

Emily Rudge
John Watkin
Julie Shaw
Michele Zador
Nina Marhsall
Patricia Zurita

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