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Vale S.A.​

Conservation International–Brazil currently has two projects in place with Vale S.A.:

  1. the management plan of 17 private reserves (RPPNs, from the acronym in Portuguese) in the Quadrilátero Ferrífero area, and
  2. a biodiversity inventory in the Araguaia river basin.

The RPPNs project is developing an integrated management plan for these reserves in the Quadrilátero Ferrífero area in Minas Gerais state. The strategic value of these reserves is particularly important as they preserve a unique vegetation type called ”cangas,” one of the most threatened Brazilian ecosystems. The evaluation aims at guiding research, visits, protection and recovering actions of these Conservation Units, strengthening the initial management objective of each area and the operational capacity of the group of reserves, and also contributing to the insertion of these areas in a sustainable territorial development of the region. The integrated management plan of the 17 RPPNs should also allow Conservation International to identify the importance of these protected areas when it comes to the value of the environmental services provided by them and their potential to keep these services.

The second project, the Biodiversity Inventory in the Araguaia river basin, has the following goals:

  • Map the human-generated impacts along the Araguaia corridor.
  • Carry inventories of biological groups in the Araguaia corridor: flora, birds, reptiles and mammals.
  • Classify the species found according their conservation status in the studied area.

Vale Inco, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vale S.A., is working with Conservation International in New Caledonia to identify a conservation corridor area where the company can meet its biodiversity offset commitment to the Province Sud government.

Vale S.A. is the second largest metals and mining company, one of the 25 largest publicly traded companies in the world and is the world’s largest producer of iron ore and iron ore pellets as well as the world’s second largest producer of nickel. Vale also produces manganese, ferroalloys, thermal and coking coal, copper, cobalt, platinum group metals and fertilizer nutrients, important raw materials for the global industrial and food production industries.

For more information about Vale, please visit www.vale.com.