​​Ricoh Company Ltd.

Ricoh is providing funding to support a cocoa agroforestry project in the Kakum Conservation Area in Ghana.

In 2007, Conservation International announced that the Executive Board of the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) approved a methodology that allows for reforestation projects to take place on active agricultural and pasture lands. This approval was a breakthrough for sustainable development and the fight against global warming as it allows CDM reforestation projects to be implemented on land that is currently being used, instead of being limited to only degraded land.

With funding provided by Ricoh, an Ecuadorian pilot project completed the development of the methodology used to quantify the carbon dioxide emissions. The development of this new methodology was a collaboration among several groups including Conservation International, Fundación Maquipucuna (an Ecuadorian conservation organization), the Ecuadorian Environmental Ministry and Ricoh. The carbon estimation methodology was carried out by EcoSecurities, a British-based company that sources, develops and trades carbon credits around the world.

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