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Northrop Grumman Foundation

In 2011, Conservation International received a three-year, US$ 2 million grant commitment from the Northrop Grumman Foundation to support the development of ECO Classroom, a nationwide teacher professional development program designed to equip teachers so they can inspire students to pursue science and technical careers and become our next generation of environmental stewards and innovators.  

The funding supports the development and implementation of a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) outreach program to high school science teachers and students. A portion of the funds support Conservation International’s Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM) Network operations relating to the collection, management and dissemination of data used in the STEM program. This includes implementation of TEAM monitoring protocols in tropical forests to collect data on tree and vine species diversity, forest carbon stocks, bird and mammal species diversity and climate, as well as the information system used for dissemination of this data through the TEAM portal. The program provides teachers with direct field experience in the tropics and gives both teachers and students an opportunity to integrate analysis of global-scale environmental data into their classrooms.

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The Northrop Grumman Foundation supports diverse and sustainable national-level programs that enhance the education experience for students and provide teachers with the training and tools they need to be successful in the classroom.

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