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What is MyTrees?

Conservation International is partnered with MyTrees, a U.K. initiative that makes supporting forest restoration fun. This partnership is helping support forest conservation and restoration in Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Kenya.

MyTrees believes in showing gratitude for acts of kindness. Giving its regular supporters the chance to win prizes every week, which is MyTrees’ way of saying thank you for doing your bit for the planet.


How MyTrees works


Grow and protect trees from £5 a month


Track your trees and see your impact over time


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Let's restore the planet

Hands full of tree saplings
© Thomas Muller
“Trees naturally store and absorb climate-warming carbon dioxide — they are, in fact, our world’s best and most scalable carbon capture and storage technology.”
“MyTrees puts the ability to help restore our world’s forests right now directly into the hands of individuals…and provides an easy action people can take to help fight climate change.”
Nikola Alexandre, Lead of Forest Restoration
Conservation International



Helping fund restoration

MyTrees supports key on-the-ground Conservation International projects around the globe. These programs include:


© Adrián Portugal

Peru, Alto Mayo rainforest — Growing

The Alto Mayo Protected Forest had some of Peru’s highest deforestation rates. With the help of partners, Conservation International is engaging communities in protecting and restoring vital forests.


© Flavio Forner

Brazil, Amazon rainforest — Protecting

We are restoring 73 million trees in the Brazilian Amazon as part of the world’s largest tropical forest restoration project.


© Charlie Shoemaker

Kenya, Chyulu Hills — Protecting

The Chyulu HIlls are an integral part of Kenya’s largest conservation landscape. We are helping safeguard them through a program to compensate communities for keeping the forests standing.


Man navigating a canoe through Cispata mangroves, Colombia
© INVEMAR-Fundación Natura

Colombia, Cispata mangroves — Growing

Deforestation here is associated with the expansion of agriculture, tourism and illegal logging. We are currently leading a mangrove conservation project that aims to sequester an estimated 1 million metric tonnes of CO2 over the lifetime of the project.