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HSBC Holdings plc

HSBC Holdings plc began working with Conservation International in 2013 to develop a three-year program to find eco-friendly solutions to prevent river pollution in the mountains of Southwest China, a critical area for freshwater supply for more than 20 million people, providing an essential resource for sustaining human well-being and economic growth.

The project will establish an innovative unpowered sewage and waste water treatment system that generates biogas fermented from local livestock waste. This technology is available and affordable for the remote, low-income communities in the target areas and will provide numerous environmental and social-economic benefits for upstream and downstream communities. The selected project sites are located around Konka, Liziping, Heizhugou, Anzihe and Wolong National Nature Reserves in Sichuan, which are the most important protected areas in China for biodiversity and endangered species such as the giant panda. ​

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