Men set camera trap, Tanzania.

Conservation International + Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Partnering to protect people and the planet


Conservation International and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) are using science, technology and innovation to address the world’s most complex environmental challenges.

In 2013, Conservation International and HPE launched HPE Earth Insights, an innovative partnership to leverage HPE technology and expertise to dramatically improve the accuracy and speed of analysis of data collected through the Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM) Network — a coalition of Conservation International, the Smithsonian Institution and the Wildlife Conservation Society.


Our plan

The partnership reflects our belief that ‘big data’ is an investment in nature — and human well-being. Just as regular doctor visits can help keep people healthy, the early detection of planetary problems is crucial to our survival. HPE Earth Insights delivers near-real-time analytics about the species trends in tropical forests at 16 sites across 15 countries, which serves as an early-warning system for conservation efforts. And the project is already showing results: Initial findings show that of the 275 species being monitored, 14% are either significantly decreasing in population or likely decreasing compared with baseline levels.


By the numbers

More than 3 terabytes of data

As of December 2016, HPE Earth Insights manages large and growing amounts and varieties of data, including more than 10 terabytes of critical biodiversity information, 3+ million camera trap photos and 8+ million climate measurements.

African bush elephants in Nouabale Ndoki National Park, Republic of Congo. Listed as vulnerable by the IUCN.  
© Courtesy of TEAM Network and Wildlife Conservation Society

For HPE Earth Insights, HPE is providing a customized solution that harnesses the power of its big data technology to address the challenges faced by Conservation International scientists. The HPE Vertica Analytics Platform — a next-generation software tool designed to manage and analyze massive and fast-growing volumes of data with unprecedented speed and accuracy — is being used to address the needs of our scientists to collect, store and assess a variety of data.


Screenshot of the HP Earth Insights Wildlife Picture Index (WPI) Analytics System dashboard.
© Courtesy of TEAM Network

HPE’s big data solutions can analyze the data nine times faster than before, generating species trends and indications of the related impacts of climate, people and land use across the 17 research sites and more than 275 species within 30 hours. The Wildlife Picture Index (WPI) Analytics System — a dashboard and analytics tool built by HPE — allows for the visualization of user-friendly, data-driven insights to be accessed anytime, anywhere. The resulting data analysis allows scientists, government officials and the wider public to see changes in ecology and biodiversity unfold in near real time. This enables proactive response to environmental threats as they emerge. HPE Earth Insights is an example of HPE Living Progress, creating a better future for everyone through actions and innovations.