Havaianas (Alpargatas)

Our partnership with Alpargatas, the company that owns the Havaianas brand, focuses on the development of an awareness campaign about the biodiversity of Brazilian marine ecosystems. Havaianas created a collection of flip-flop sandals featuring fish and coral reefs found off the coast of Brazil. A portion of the products' sales is dedicated to financing marine conservation projects in Brazil.

Together, Conservation International and Alpargatas (Havaianas) disseminate science-based and appealing information to a wide audience to increase awareness of marine biodiversity and the need for its conservation. The partnership project will also support inventories, monitoring and other studies on Brazilian marine ecosystems, focusing primarily in the Abrolhos Seascape.

More information about Alpargatas and Havaianas is available on www.alpargatas.com.br and www.havaianas.com.