The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company is a member of Conservation International's Business & Sustainability Council, a community of companies committed to leveraging their business experiences and resources to protect nature for the benefit of humanity.

Previously, Conservation International worked with The Coca-Cola Company in 2011 to provide strategic advice on sustainable agriculture, freshwater impacts and the company’s corporate sustainability efforts more broadly. As one component of this broader engagement, Conservation International helped to develop a set of sustainable agriculture guiding principles, which set expectations for agricultural ingredient suppliers and at the farm level to address sustainability challenges specific to agriculture.

We also worked with Coca-Cola Brazil to help the company build its strategy for water resources protection in Brazil. As a first step, we conducted a diagnostic review of water resources in Brazilian biomes in order to analyze the main impacts to water resources in each biome, looking at factors such as availability, demand, biodiversity, impact factors, water use in agriculture and sanitation in order to identify projects that will contribute to water protection, conservation, and help provide access to clean water and sanitation for communities.

Peter Seligmann, Conservation International's Chairman of the Board, is a member of The Coca-Cola Company’s International Public Policy Advisory Board, which provides strategic guidance to the company on environmental issues, among others.

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