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Alcoa Foundation​​

2013: Alcoa Foundation and Conservation International concluded a five-year biodiversity program in the Brazilian Amazon, one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. The goal of the program was to protect natural resources, create a conservation action plan and build the capacity of local communities to develop and enforce environmental legislation. The Tapajós-Abacaxis Corridor Program​ helped secure safe water for more than 400,000 people, protect almost 40 species of wildlife and create a source of economic development for seven communities without damaging natural resources. The project focused its activities in four protected areas — the Amazon National Park, the Tapajós-Arapiuns Extractive Reserve, the Pau-Rosa National Forest and Amana National Forest.

Previously, the Alcoa Foundation funded Conservation International’s Rapid Assessment program (RAP) survey in Kwamalasamutu, Suriname. The purpose of this RAP survey was to establish a baseline of information for local ecotourism and future monitoring efforts. The RAP also sought to gather information on plant and animal species important to the Tirio people, and provide recommendations for sustainable harvest and management practices. The overall goal was to bring together the knowledge and expertise of local people with scientific knowledge to study and plan for monitoring of biological and cultural resources of the Kwamalasamutu region.

The preliminary results of the survey indicated that the Kwamalasamutu region is in near-pristine ecological condition. As the forested landscape of this area extends unbroken far beyond the borders of Suriname, the region represents the nucleus of a vast biological treasure of global significance. Although not immediately threatened, effective conservation in the region will require active and continuous assessment of potential threats and international cooperation to adequately manage the region’s resources.

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