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New study reveals seaweed’s hidden climate benefits

By Mary Kate McCoy

July 18, 2023
A new study found that seaweed forests may play a bigger role in fighting climate change than previously thought — absorbing as much climate-warming carbon as the Amazon rainforest. But not all seaweed forests are created equal.
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Meet the South African start-up putting cattle to work for conservation

By Will McCarry

June 12, 2023
Livestock herding and wildlife conservation are often perceived as conflicting pursuits, with the belief that one must come at the expense of the other. However, in South Africa, a fresh approach centered on Indigenous knowledge is challenging this perception.
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© CI/photo by Janny “Heintje” Rotinsulu. A man uses a traditional fishing spear In the waters off the Bird's Head Peninsula.
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Why understanding people is key to protecting nature

By Mary Kate McCoy

April 25, 2023
Humans have altered the planet so dramatically that scientists say we may have entered a new geologic epoch — the Anthropocene. And yet human behavior is often overlooked when it comes to developing conservation solutions. A new book aims to change that.
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© John Slaney. Sunset in Vanuatu.

From tiny nation, a ‘hallmark moment’ for climate justice

By Mary Kate McCoy

April 6, 2023
A small Pacific island nation is behind a landmark U.N. resolution that could hold carbon-polluting countries to account for failing to act on climate change. Conservation News explains what the resolution means and how it could advance climate justice.
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After nearly 50 years, water back on the global agenda

By Mary Kate McCoy

March 22, 2023
This week, the United Nations holds its first global freshwater conference in nearly 50 years. In the years since, the global population has doubled — yet the challenges facing the health of, and access to, freshwater resources have been largely overshadowed by the climate and biodiversity crises.
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