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From whale sharks and hawksbill sea turtles to elephants and pangolins, wildlife face threats on land and sea. With populations declining, these species would greatly benefit from our love and attention. ​Get to know these animals and share the facts about some of our planet’s most incredible — but at-risk — species.


A pangolin climbs a branch
© Conor Wall

Sunda Pangolin

Species Age: 80 million years
Location: I prefer to spend my time in the trees of Southeast Asia.
About Me: I’m a nocturnal knight in shining armor, covered in tough scales.
Favorite Food: Ants and termites are my favorite delicacies, and I use my long snout and tongue to dig in.
Hidden talent: No special equipment is necessary for my night vision. Another cool trick is that my tongue can extend to the length of my body and retracts into a special cavity in my abdomen.
Why I’m Looking for Love: My scales are meant to protect me, but they’re one of the main reasons I’m struggling today. My fellow pangolins and I are poached for our meat and scales, which are used in traditional Chinese medicine. But there’s no evidence they’re even effective. I’m looking for someone who will love me for me, and not what they can take from me.

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Elephant in South Africa
© Clive Rogers/Flickr Creative Commons

African Elephant

Species Age: 55 million years
Location: My herds wander throughout 37 countries in Africa.
About me: I’m a boss of the land as the largest animal walking on Earth. My brain's structure is similar to yours, and it’s one of the biggest in the animal kingdom (probably why I’m so smart).
Favorite Food: As an herbivore, I stick to a mix of roots, grasses, fruit and bark. But I've been known to indulge — I can consume up to 300 pounds per day. 
Hidden Talent: I never forget, and I’m one of the few animals who can recognize themselves. I even help combat climate change by spreading tree seedlings.
Why I’m Looking for Love: Poaching has wiped out millions of my fellow elephants. My tusks are beautiful and regal, but there are humans who want them for their own. I’ve also lost vast territory to the growth of human populations, agriculture, logging and mining. I’m looking for love and understanding so that people know my value — I’m worth more when I’m still roaming the plains.

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Hawksbill Turtle  Shot in West Papua Province, Indonesia
© Jeff Yonover

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Species Age: 100 million years
Location: The beautiful and abundant waters of the Asia Pacific Coral Triangle.
About me: My name comes from my charming narrow, pointed beak. And while I might be captivating, don’t get too attached. I’m very solitary and only meet to mate.
Favorite Food: I love to dine on some delicious sea sponges, but I’ll also munch on mollusks, marine algae, crustaceans, sea urchins, fish and jellyfish.
Hidden Talent: Not only do I have the looks, but I'm a fundamental link in marine ecosystems and help maintain healthy coral reefs and seagrass beds.
Why I’m Looking for Love: Despite enjoying international protection, my kind is hunted for our flesh and stunning shells. While I'm single and ready to mingle, my family-minded friends are losing their eggs to hungry poachers. And don’t get me started on ghost nets, which make for nasty underwater snares. I’m looking for an eternal love that will keep my species thriving for millennia.

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A whale shark in Indonesia's Cendrawasih Bay
© CI/Mark V. Erdmann

Whale Shark

Species Age: 245-265 million years
Location: Warm waters of the western Pacific.
About me: The great white might get all the glory, but I’m the biggest fish and shark in the sea, plus the sweetest you’ll meet.
Favorite Food: I’m a filter foodie; I’ll open my mouth wide to consume my top culinary choice of plankton, but I don’t discriminate against some good krill, shrimp, algae, small fish and fish eggs.
Hidden Talent: I might be millions of years old, but I’m very good at staying mysterious. Little is known about my habits.
Why I’m Looking for Love: I'm a behemoth of the sea but still vulnerable to threats from land — like demand for my meat, fins and oil. Not the most peaceful life for a gentle giant. Even when I’m not the target, I can be snarled in fishing gear, the victim of bycatch. I’m looking for love because I’m kind of a big deal — my presence means that plankton is plentiful and the ocean is healthy.

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