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Save a Mile

People need the ocean to survive. Healthy oceans regulate our climate, feed billions of people, and provide a home for a vast array of marine life from sharks to sea turtles.

Now our oceans need us. Extreme threats including overfishing, pollution, development and climate change are wreaking havoc on ocean ecosystems.

You can help. With a gift of $75, you can save an entire square mile of ocean and protect the life it contains and people it supports.

It's our ocean and it needs our help. Do your part. Save a mile.

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Turning the Tide
Did you know that the ocean:
  • Covers 70% of the earth’s surface…
  • Provides 80% of the oxygen we breathe…
  • And is the main protein source for 1 in 4 people worldwide?

Did you know that this vital resource is in grave danger? Learn more about the importance of the oceans, and the threats facing them.

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