#ScienceMatters, on Earth Day and every day

Thank you to everyone who took action in honor of Earth Day! ​​Science is at the heart of our mission to protect nature for the benefit of all. Thanks to your support, our scientific work to monitor and protect the forest is now stronger than ever.

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      Ou​r work is not done yet

      There’s more you can do to protect nature today and every day.

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      Do you know how vital nature is to our daily lives? Test your knowledge of the facts about the importance of nature.


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      Help build a healthier, more prosperous and more productive planet. Support the brands that support nature.


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      EditText:11 things you should know about climate change
      We’re already seeing the effects of man-made climate change — but nature can help. Here are the facts you need to know.
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      EditTitle:Science and Innovation
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      EditTitle:The Latest Science News
      EditImage Alt Text:Jan Dempewolf works on a computer at night in Tanzania. © Benjamin Drummond
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      EditTitle:Experience nature in virtual reality
      EditImage Alt Text:VR screening at Starbucks headquarters in October 2016. © CI/Photo by Elise Harrigan
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