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In honor of World Oceans Day, Conservation International’s Chief Scientist Greg Stone and actor and philanthropist Ian Somerhalder dove down to Aquarius, an underwater laboratory 63 feet below the ocean in the Florida Keys.

There, they joined ocean explorer Fabien Cousteau — who is attempting to live underwater for a record-breaking 31 days!

Watch this post-dive Google Hangout featuring Ian, Greg and Fabien as they talk about ocean health and answer questions posed by three lucky winners.

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EditTitle:The Ocean
EditImage Alt Text:A view of the ocean its richness of corals from Viti Levu, Fiji. © William Crosse

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EditTitle:Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape
EditImage Alt Text:Fish swimming in Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape, Cocos Island, Costa Rica, Central America. © Conservation International/photo by Sterling Zumbrunn

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EditTitle:Pacific Oceanscape
EditImage Alt Text:Aerial view, Bora Bora. © Rodolphe Holler