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Employment benefits

Outstanding and comprehensive


From hard-to-beat health insurance plans to a generous parental leave policy, Conservation International is proud to outshine peer organizations with its benefits plans.

A flexible, family-friendly work culture, high staff retention rates, and most importantly, our passion for conservation all contribute to our special sauce. But, don’t take our word for it. A benchmarking study of 279 non-profits revealed that both continental U.S. medical plans offered by Conservation International ranked at 99% compared to other non-profit employer plans, and monthly contributions to our plans are more than 50% less expensive than those of our peers. For more information, review a complete list of our U.S. continental benefits and learn how we compare.


Our U.S. benefits

Here's a look at just some of the benefits we offer to employees based in the continental United States:


Medical, dental and vision

Our medical plans offer nationwide in-network coverage with no in-network deductible, full hospital care coverage and the flexibility to see a specialist whenever you want — without a primary care physician referral. Dental coverage includes fully covered preventive services , while our vision plan offers employees up to $130 toward frames or corrective lenses.

Read our Transparency-In-Coverage MRF information.


Parental leave

We provide up to 8 weeks of paid parental leave for bonding time and the care of a newborn or newly adopted child, and/or the care of a recovering birth parent. Parental leave runs concurrently with Family and Medical Leave (FMLA), if eligible based on FMLA regulations. A birth parent will utilize short-term disability for the recuperation period immediately following the birth of a child, and can start parental leave after short-term disability ends. Paid parental leave is prorated during the first year of employment and is prorated based on hours worked for employees working less than 35 hours a week.

Leave policy

Conservation International offers a generous leave policy of 15 paid vacation days accrued annually in your first three years of employment and 20 vacation days accrued annually in your fourth year and beyond. Additionally, employees receive 3 personal days, 12 sick days and 14 holidays each year.

Professional development

From eCornell certification courses, Rosetta Stone and LinkedIn Learning to a leadership development and global mentoring program, we offer a variety of structured opportunities for learning and development.

Commuter benefits

Commuter benefits allow participants to pay for their commuting costs with pre-tax money. These benefits can be used to pay for commuter related parking and transit expenses including taking the train, bus, subway, ferries, UberPOOL, Lyft Shared, and for parking.

Planning for retirement

Unlike many organizations, you are fully vested in our 403(b) plan from the start and are eligible to participate in the retirement plan from your date of hire. After six months of employment, we will match 100% of the first 6% you contribute per pay period.

Unique offerings aligned with local markets

Conservation International also offers competitive compensation and benefits packages in the 30 countries we work in. These are tailored to the local labor market and typically include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Medical coverage
  • Employer-paid retirement contributions
  • Paid holidays, vacation, sick, maternity and paternity leave
  • Paid business travel accident insurance
  • Paid life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Country-specific benefits as mandated by labor law

Country-specific compensation packages are shared with applicants during the hiring process.



What Our Employees Say

"I’m thankful for the great health insurance. Now that I am going constantly for pregnancy checkups, I’m so appreciative for the great coverage. This puts my mind at ease for the remainder of my pregnancy and caring for my child once they arrive."

– Senior Coordinator, 5 years of service

"CI’s generous parental leave policy gave me the time and space I needed to bond with my new arrival. I have found CI to be a terrific place to be a working parent."

– Senior Director, 5 years of service

"I have been consistently impressed with the benefits. Specifically, the generous leave policy. I always feel like I can take the vacation time that I need/want during the year with still some leftover to carry into the next year."

– Senior Coordinator, 5 years of service

"Compared to my five previous employers, CI is the most generous with 403b retirement plan benefits. I greatly appreciate the fact that after only 6 months I became 100% fully vested with CI matching up to 6% of my contribution rate. I started seeing my retirement account grow quicker thanks to this match."

– Senior Director, 10 years of service