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The Moore Center is a leader in developing cutting-edge research and tools that enable governments, communities, businesses and others to identify, value and protect nature.

Our scientists publish breakthrough research and grow the body of evidence upon which humanity depends to confront the most pressing issues of our time, including the climate and biodiversity crises. Governments, businesses, local communities and nonprofit organizations around the world look to us for the scientific insights they need to inform policies and actions.

To date, Conservation International has published more than 1,300 peer-reviewed articles, many in leading journals like Science, Nature, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. On average, each of our scientific papers is cited more than 45 times by other scholars – more than any other U.S. conservation organization and leading universities like Harvard, Yale, Duke, and Stanford.


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Our research is delivering transformative change: informing and influencing policy, changing conservation practices and leveraging conservation investments globally.


Where is the nature that people need?
Nature has a crucial role to play in global sustainability, but the public and private sectors require a better and more nuanced understanding of nature’s part in sustainable development at the global, national, and local scale. We need to understand where nature makes essential contributions to humanity in order to set priorities and guide investments to protect it.
How can we best preserve nature for people?
To protect nature, humanity deploys a wide range of conservation efforts. Our research and tools empower governments, corporations, Indigenous peoples and other key decision makers to design tailored strategies that best conserve nature for people.
What are the impacts of conserving nature?
Evidence of the effectiveness of conservation policies and programs — what works and what does not — is essential to inform decisions about the world’s most critical environmental challenges, yet the impacts of most conservation interventions are poorly understood. Our research on the social and ecological impacts of conservation catalyzes accountability, learning and evidence-based decision-making for smarter and more impactful actions.



Collaboration is critical, and we expect Conservation International to continue to build strong alliances and maintain its commitment to solid science and critical thinking.

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Global Impact

Conservation International scientists have published more than 1,300 peer-reviewed articles, many in top-ranked scientific journals.

Most importantly, our scientific findings inform and inspire policies and investments by Conservation International, donors and the public and private sectors — from local communities to global decision-makers.


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