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Patricia Alvarez and Ingrid Serrano Zubileta 

Betty and Gordon Moore Center for Science

Conservation International​ applies the best science to solve the most urgent challenges facing humanity.

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The Moore Center is a leader in developing cutting-edge research and tools that enable us to identify, value and protect nature.

Leaders of governments, businesses, communities and families realize our food, climate, fresh water and livelihoods depend on healthy ecosystems, but they need science-based tools to help inform policies and actions.

Through innovative partnerships, advanced analysis and rigorous work on the ground (and in the water) around the world, the Moore Center develops solutions that support decision-makers in making effective choices about nature and human well-being.




Leaders can’t manage what they can’t measure. Moore Center scientists are advancing metrics and indices to enable informed decisions and to measure their impacts. Our measurements focus on the health of ecosystems, the values they provide to societies and the way people make decisions.


The benefits we receive from nature are rarely valued, so too often they go unnoticed in policy and economic decisions. Conservation International’s solutions use science and economics to inform decision-makers where the most important ecosystems are located, what benefits they provide and to whom, so economic development decisions help steward the ecosystems we depend on rather than jeopardize them.


Too often, decisions are made in isolation, focusing on only one sector or one activity. This uncoordinated approach is not sustainable: agriculture can degrade the environment, while inadequate conservation policy can create conflicts between people and wildlife. We design tools to integrate across different sectors and needs to evaluate trade-offs and synergies among decisions about production and the risks to ecosystems and people.


Collaboration is critical, and we expect Conservation International to continue to build strong alliances and maintain its commitment to solid science and critical thinking.

Gordon Moore


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Global Impact

Conservation International scientists have published more than 1,000 peer-reviewed articles, many in top-ranked scientific journals.

Most importantly, our scientific findings inform and inspire decisions and investments by Conservation International, donors and the public and private sector, from communities to the global level.


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