CI Receives Support from DreamWorks Animation to Protect Giant Pandas


Arlington, VA � Conservation International (CI) today announced that it has received a contribution from DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. (NYSE: DWA) in support of its conservation efforts to protect the endangered giant panda.

Yesterday in Los Angeles at an event launch for the DVD and Blu-ray debut of DreamWorks Animation�s summer blockbuster, Kung Fu Panda, the Company and its Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Katzenberg pledged $1 million to CI�s efforts. CI will use the contribution to jump-start its Giant Panda Survival Plan, a bold blueprint for panda conservation in China. CI, along with the Chinese government and its local community partners, aims to ensure the survival of the giant panda in its natural habitat.

Please visit to watch an exclusive video featuring Kung Fu Panda�s Jack Black to discover more about the giant panda.

Kung Fu Panda has raised international awareness about the Endangered giant panda and we thank DreamWorks Animation for making such a significant commitment to the attempt to secure a future for these majestic creatures by saving their homes and understanding their way of life,� said Peter Seligmann, the CI Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. �From earthquake recovery efforts to satellite mapping of the species� decreasing natural habitat, CI and its partners will put this generous donation toward meaningful and long-lasting efforts to protect the ecosystems on which pandas rely for survival.�

�DreamWorks Animation has been closely involved with Conservation International for many years and we have great admiration and gratitude for their tireless work on behalf of this endangered species,� commented Jeffrey Katzenberg. �We are pleased to align Kung Fu Panda with CI�s efforts to help educate kids and families about the important issues facing the beloved giant panda population.�

One of the most popular and most recognizable animals on the planet, the giant panda is also among the world�s most threatened species. There are fewer than 1,600 giant pandas in the wild today and the primary threat to the giant panda�s continued survival is the destruction of its natural habitat.

CI�s conservation efforts seek to understand this threat and to implement a long-lasting plan to protect the giant panda. To help pandas survive, their forest habitats must be protected, connected, and managed in a way that allows for panda health and reproduction, as well as human development and well-being. Particularly in light of the current humanitarian crisis following the recent earthquake in Sichuan and the series of tragic aftershocks, it is critical that conservation strategies serve to support, benefit, and create opportunity for local communities.

CI�s plan involves the following efforts:

  • The Giant Panda Survival Plan � This comprehensive strategy consists of short- and long-term goals, reaching out as far as 200 years. Planned accomplishments include protecting 100 percent of known panda habitat, providing better protection programs to the reserves, developing at least 12 �conservation corridors� to connect habitats, and creating a comprehensive panda population monitoring plan.
  • The Panda Alliance � This network of leading conservation groups, academics, government agencies, private corporations, and local communities will work to protect habitat, establish a panda guardian program, involve local communities, promote the benefits of panda conservation, and more.
  • Inspiring Action � Through effective working relationships with public and private-sector partners, CI will inform the public about the plight of the panda and what it can do to help.


Photos and captions to accompany this news release can be downloaded here:

Photo credits: Photo 1: Courtesy of DreamWorks Animation; Photo 2: CI/Marshall Maher

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