The Ocean Wakes and Roars in Provocative New Film


​Conservation International’s Nature Is Speaking Campaign gives Ocean a Voice, Which Warns Us to Take Better Care of it

​​Arlington, Va. (October 13, 2014)Conservation International (CI) today spotlighted the second film—"The Ocean"— in its new, provocative environmental awareness campaign, Nature Is Speaking.  

Voiced by Academy Award ® nominee and Conservation International's Vice Chairman, Harrison Ford, "The Ocean" comes to life in dramatic fashion, scolding humans for not protecting this precious resource.

"But humans, they take more than their share. They poison me then they expect me to feed them.  Well, it doesn't work that way," states The Ocean.

"The Ocean" film is available to view and embed from In addition, behind the scenes footage of Harrison Ford recording "The Ocean" is also available to view and embed.

If viewers are motivated to do something after watching "The Ocean," we invite them to join the discussion by using #NatureIsSpeaking and the Twitter handle, @Ocean_CI.  HP will give $1 to Conservation International (up to $1 million)  to support its international conservation work, for every use of the hashtag #NatureIsSpeaking on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, G+, Vine, LinkedIn, YouTube or Tumblr. Visit for details. 

A healthy ocean provides oxygen, food, medicines that heal, and protection from storms. Unfortunately, overfishing, pollution and warming waters threaten the ocean's health and our survival. Even if you live thousands of miles away from a coast, you need the benefits that the ocean provides. Did you know?

  • The ocean produces half of the oxygen we breathe
  • Nearly 80% of all life on earth is found in oceans
  • U.S. coastal wetlands provide $23.2 billion annually in coastal storm protection

"I accepted a position on CI's board more than 20 years ago, and it's one I'm delighted to still hold today," said Ford.  "No other environmental organization brings to the table what CI does. Everything is backed by sound science and staff in the field working hand-in-hand with those who can make the biggest difference. I remain steadfast in my belief that those of us who have the opportunity to protect nature and its value for humankind have no better partner than Conservation International."

Conservation International has been working successfully around the world to protect the marine resources people vitally need to survive.

  • Using the Seascapes approach of management, CI has worked with local partner organizations, communities and governments to manage the ocean in practical, effective ways. Through CI's work, the Seascapes program has helped create 5.3 million hectares of new marine protected areas, safeguarding some of the most productive regions in the world benefiting millions who depend on the ocean to support economic activities such as fishing and tourism.
  • CI led the way in scaling up ocean management with the Pacific Oceanscape, a framework to conserve an ocean area larger than the surface of the moon that 23 Pacific island governments have agreed to manage in order to sustain the natural and cultural integrity of the region. Through CI's conservation work in the region, the Oceanscape increases its capability of strengthening and sustaining healthy tuna stocks—an area where 60% of the world's tuna is caught.
  • CI's research has helped launch the Ocean Health Index, the first global assessment measuring the ocean's health. The Index is led by scientists from the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) at UC Santa Barbara and Conservation International. In its third year, the Index is a critical tool for policymakers to assess how sustainably people are using the ocean on a local and regional scale.

Nature Is Speaking is a series of short films voiced by some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Penélope Cruz, Harrison Ford, Edward Norton, Robert Redford, Julia Roberts and Ian Somerhalder.  

Note to Editors: Conservation International's leading expert in marine health and Chief Scientist Greg Stone is available for interviews.

 Nature Is Speaking Newsroom contains available content and contacts for media (*Please Provide Image Credits*):


About Conservation International (CI)

Since 1987, Conservation International has been working to improve human well-being through the care of nature. With the guiding principle that nature doesn't need people, but people need nature for food, water, health and livelihoods—CI works with more than 1,000 partners around the world to ensure a healthy, more prosperous planet that supports the well-being of people. Learn more about CI and the "Nature Is Speaking" campaign, and follow CI's work on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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