"The Ocean" Takes Home Cannes Gold Lion Award


​​On June 27, Lee Clow and a dedicated team from TBWA\Media Arts Lab won a Cannes Gold Lion award for film craft for “The Ocean.” The film, created for Conservation International’s Nature Is Speaking campaign and narrated by actor Harrison Ford, is the only U.S. film to win gold in 2015.

“It has been a privilege to partner with Lee Clow and the passionate, talented teams at TBWA\Media Arts Lab on our Nature Is Speaking campaign. We are proud of this prestigious Cannes Gold Lion award, and we are honored that our effort to give a voice to the ocean has been recognized in this way.”—Meg Galloway Goldthwaite, Chief Marketing Officer, Conservation International.

The prestigious Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is an annual event that celebrates creative communication from the technology, advertisement, entertainment, media, marketing and design industries. An international jury awards entries from 16 categories, from radio and film to design and innovation. The film craft category recognizes superior quality and aesthetic in the filmmaking process, and “The Ocean” was specifically honored for its script.

The Nature Is Speaking campaign gives voice to nature through a series of short films that aim to demonstrate the vital links between nature and human well-being. Each film focuses on an element of nature and challenges the perception of the relationship between humans and the Earth. At the invitation of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Nature Is Speaking will be showcased at the Paris Climate talks in fall 2015. A new film in the series is set to debut at that event.​​​ For more information about the campaign, go to conservation.org/NatureIsSpeaking-Newsroom. #NatureIsSpeaking — are you listening?​ 

About Conservation International (CI)

Since 1987, Conservation International has been working to improve human well-being through the care of nature. With the guiding principle that nature doesn't need people, but people need nature for food, water, health and livelihoods—CI works with more than 1,000 partners around the world to ensure a healthy, more prosperous planet that supports the well-being of people. Learn more about CI and the "Nature Is Speaking​" campaign, and follow CI's work on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube​.

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