Seligmann Statement on US climate legislation


Statement of Peter Seligmann on Senate Democrats' Failure to Advance Bill

Arlington, VA – "Today we heard that the U.S. Senate will not consider comprehensive climate and energy legislation before the Senate leaves for their August recess.  This is extremely disappointing to those of us who work directly to protect some of the most vulnerable ecosystems on our planet, and see the effects that climate change is having on the local communities who depend on the natural resources of these ecosystems for their health, food, fresh water and their well being, right now. 

"Our dependence on dirty fossil fuels is stifling innovation and new business opportunities in the USA, while strengthening our competitors and weakening our economy.  But perhaps even more critical, our failure to address climate change endangers our long term health and well being.  There is not a single answer that will solve the climate crisis we now face, it will take a suite of actions, including the conservation of our natural resources, such as tropical rainforests that not only serve essential roles in carbon capture but also are critical in so many other ways.  We need legislation that puts a price on carbon, moves us away from dirty fuels, promotes innovation in clean energy and recognizes the important role that nature plays in our very survival.

"We urge in the strongest terms possible our Senators to not abandon passage of comprehensive climate and energy this year and to take a fresh look during their time away from Washington, then come back with a renewed purpose and sense of stewardship for the country, the planet – and all of its people.  It is time for the Senate and the White House to prioritize passage of this critical legislation this year – not next year or next term – and move our country forward."

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