Investment in International Conservation: Good for American Jobs, Global Security


Conservation International CEO Reacts to House of Representatives Vote on H.R. 1, Fy 2011 Continuing Resolution Which Will Fund the Federal Government Through September 30, 2011

Alexandria, VA - Following early Saturday morning United States House passage of H.R. 1, which approves more than $60 billion in federal spending cuts through September 30th 2011, Conservation International CEO, Chairman and co-founder Peter Seligmann issued this reaction statement:

"There is a strong nexus between U.S. funding for international conservation and U.S. competitiveness and U.S. national security. For example, efforts to conserve tropical rain forests help to stop illegal logging in foreign countries that cost American's over $1 billion annually. The products from this illegal activity undercut legitimate agricultural and forest commodities from American loggers, farmers and ranchers. U.S. international conservation funding not only helps protect American jobs but this funding also helps keep Americans safe. Insufficient clean water and food are often root causes of instability in developing countries. By making investments that improve people's lives around the world by providing the basic necessities of life, the factors of instability are abated. As then Secretary of State James Baker once said, 'traditional concepts of what constitutes a threat to national and global security need to be updated and extended to such divergent concerns as environmental degradation, narcotics trafficking and terrorism."

"Conservation of our natural resources is not a partisan issue. Throughout history the United States has traditionally been a leader in international conservation because of the realization that these important investments underpin many of our national priorities and values. As Congress goes through the difficult process of developing the budget for the remainder of FY 2011 and for FY 2012, we ask that these important benefits to the American people and to people across the globe be considered."

Peter Seligmann
Chairman and CEO
Conservation International


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