Ian Somerhalder Voices New Film for Conservation International's Nature Is Speaking Campaign


​“Coral Reef” joins stable of short films giving nature a voice, narrated by some of the biggest names in Hollywood

Arlington, Va. (October 27, 2014)Conservation International (CI) today released a new film—Coral Reef— as part of its provocative environmental awareness campaign called Nature Is Speaking

Voiced by Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder, "Coral Reef" comes to life, reminding humans that coral reefs are the most diverse of all marine ecosystems, the nurseries of the sea, and the critical first line of defense against approaching storms. Somerhalder is also a United Nations Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador.

"When big storms and tsunamis come through, I'm your fortress, yet you tear me apart with dynamite and poison me with cyanide," states Coral Reef.

Roughly one-fifth of coral reefs worldwide are already damaged beyond repair. Destructive fishing practices, ocean acidification, and insensitive tourism practices such as snorkelers touching reefs, threaten the long-term conservation of coral ecosystems every day.

"It's impossible to imagine our planet without coral. Think about this: if water is the blood of our planet flowing through veinous rivers, streams and into our oceans…what does that make coral? Our heart," said Somerhalder. "We simply cannot survive without our heart, therefore it's mandatory we heal and protect our coral reefs now. For this very important reason, I lent my voice as 'Coral Reef' to Conservation International's phenomenal campaign Nature Is Speaking. Together, we can bring our planet's heartbeat back."

Nature Is Speaking is a series of short films voiced by some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Penélope Cruz, Harrison Ford, Edward Norton, Robert Redford, Julia Roberts and Ian Somerhalder.  "Coral Reef" is available for download on www.natureisspeaking.org. To actively engage in a conversation with Coral Reef, we invite viewers to join the discussion by using #NatureIsSpeaking and the Twitter handle, @CoralReef_CI. Conservation International worked with the Audience Behavior Lab (ABL), a division of TBWA\Media Arts Lab, to create the film series under the creative direction of TBWA\MAL Chairman, Lee Clow.

Conservation International works with governments and partners around the world to preserve and protect critical coral reef habitats, which serve as the base for healthy ocean ecosystems and provide numerous benefits for human well-being.  Most notable, CI is a cofounder of the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA). The size of California, this region in the Pacific is home to some of the most pristine coral habitats on the planet. Established in 2008, the majority of the critical reef systems within the PIPA were protected in 2010. As of January 1, 2015, all of its coral reefs will be protected as the park will be closed to commercial fishing.

Conservation International is also a partner of The Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI), an agreement forged between the governments of Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, the Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste, to work together to combat threats and sustain one of the world's most diverse marine environments. Spanning 6 million square kilometers (2.3 million square miles), the Coral Triangle and its abundant and valuable marine and coastal resources are under threat from unsustainable fishing, rapid population growth and the effects of climate change.  

Did You Know?

  • Coral reefs are vital to people. These ecosystems provide an estimated $375 billion annually in services to people including food, protecting shorelines, supporting jobs based on tourism and even medicines.  (Costanza. Nature. 1997)
  • Healthy coral reefs dissipate much of the force of incoming waves; helping to prevent loss of life, property damage and erosion.
  • Coral reefs are home to more than one million diverse aquatic species, including thousands of fish species.


About Conservation International (CI)

Since 1987, Conservation International has been working to improve human well-being through the care of nature. With the guiding principle that nature doesn't need people, but people need nature for food, water, health and livelihoods—CI works with more than 1,000 partners around the world to ensure a healthy, more prosperous planet that supports the well-being of people. Learn more about CI and the "Nature Is Speaking" campaign, and follow CI's work on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.



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