Conservation International's partnership with Resorts World Sentosa ends


Singapore (September 1, 2016) - Conservation International (CI) formally ended its partnership with Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) on 18 Aug 2016.

Conceived in 2013 with the vision of a five year partnership, this focused on identifying opportunities for collaboration in marine biology, marine conservation, public education and support for regional projects.

During the partnership, RWS and CI carried out a successful manta ray tagging project in Indonesia, involving 30 manta rays, the largest tagging operation conducted in the region.

Significantly, this led to the discovery of Southeast Asia's first manta ray nursery in Wayag Lagoon in Raja Ampat and started the process to implement laws to curtail speedboat usage to prevent injury to the baby manta rays who were found to spend a lot of time at the surface.

The data in this project also found that manta rays, which are highly valuable to the tourism industry in Bali, migrate across hunting areas between Lombok and Western Sumbawa, providing government agencies with the justification required to increase enforcement efforts in these areas.

Overall these efforts have improved scientific understanding of manta rays and informed lawmakers on how to better protect them.

With this work completed, and with no further initiatives planned with RWS, CI has decided to end the partnership ahead of their planned cessation in 2018.

CI remains committed to implementing conservation initiatives out of Singapore and look forward to developing more corporate partnerships that support the ethos that people need nature to thrive. This includes helping corporations achieve better sustainability practices, engaging their staff to care about the environment and carrying out conservation programmes in the region.

For more information contact Nicole Han, Communications, CI Singapore
Phone: +65 9828 1538


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