CI weighs in on today's REDD+ agreement between Colombia, Germany, Norway, UK


​Paris (30 November 2015) — Today, at the UN Climate Negotiations in Paris, the governments of Colombia, Germany, Norway and the UK announced a groundbreaking partnership to protect Colombia's rainforest.

Conservation International (CI) commends Germany, Norway, and the UK for coming together to support and expand REDD+ in Colombia. Halting tropical deforestation and allowing forests to regrow can provide 30% or more of the carbon storage and sequestration we need to limit warming to safe levels, yet in 2014, according to Climate Policy Initiative figures, only about 2% of funding for climate change solutions actually went toward nature's solutions, like conserving forests. This partnership shows commitment for scaling up actions now, even before the new agreement being negotiated now takes effect in 2020.

Colombia's forests are vital in the global fight to halt climate change and we support a zero net deforestation goal throughout Amazonia by 2020. Our work in the country began in 1992 and over the past 20+ years we have addressed key industry drivers of deforestation, while working closely with local communities and indigenous peoples to develop sustainable livelihoods.

Since 2008, CI has worked with local communities in Colombia to implement Conservation Agreements, oriented to protect about 350,000 ha. We helped design and establish the country's working group on REDD+ in 2009. We have also worked with mining, energy and infrastructure industries to minimize their footprint in the country, most recently through the use of Tremarctos, a tool we developed to assess the impacts of infrastructure projects and the required offsets as a result of those impacts. For over 14 years we have have partnered with indigenous communities to support the design and implementation of management plans and research activities in their territories.  

CI spokespeople are available for comment upon request. 

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