Film Capturing Guyana's Natural Heritage a Finalist at Jackson Hole


Jackson Hole, WY � The documentary "A Dream for Guyana's Natural Heritage" and the series of Television Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on Guyana's natural heritage produced by Conservation International (CI) have been nominated as finalists at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, the prestigious international wildlife film festival.

The festival, which gathers the most renowned natural history filmmakers, received this year some 560 entries. It took a week for the 16 judges to determine the results of their preliminary selection. Three films were selected for each of the thirteen categories. The 15-minute video "A Dream for Guyana", competes this week with two remarkable IMAX large format productions, "Island of the Sharks" produced by Howard Hall Productions and "Africa's Elephant Kingdom" produced by Discovery Channel. The Guyana TV PSA spots are finalists along with a Discovery News and an Outdoor Life Network short piece.

"We are honored and very happy with this nomination." said Haroldo Castro, director of "A Dream," and CI's International Communications Senior Director, "Because we believe that this is also a recognition of the importance of Guyana's natural heritage, at Jackson Hole we have the unique opportunity to show a select audience that Guyana has an important place in the map of the national history filmmakers." The Jackson Hole Festival in Wyoming, USA, is expecting this year some 850 participants, among them are BBC, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel's most talented producers and directors.

The documentary A Dream and the series of 6 TV spots on Guyana's Natural Heritage were produced as part of CI's awareness campaign to promote biodiversity conservation and the creation of a Protected Areas System in Guyana. It is the result of 15 hours of images filmed in some of the most outstanding natural sites of the country.

The two productions featuring the voice of Kojo Nnamdi, a Guyanese radio host in the United States, have already won top honors at other international film festivals. Recently the series of spots won a first place "Gold Camera Award" for their effectiveness at communicating an important message to the public at the 32nd Annual U.S. International Film and Video Festival. "A Dream" also received the "Golden Eagle Award" at the CINE film competition for its outstanding quality thus far accumulating 4 top awards.

Both videos will be screened at Jackson Hole twice during the week of the festival and the final results will be announced at the Gala dinner on Saturday September 25.

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