Want to fight climate change? Keep nature intact

Let’s protect nature like our lives depend on it. Because they do.


We’ve long known that people need nature for a stable climate. Keeping nature intact will to prevent future pandemics AND build resilience to the climate change impacts to come. It’s time to start restoring nature, and if we act right now there’s still time to get this right. Let’s care for forests like our lives depend on it – because they do. Conservation.org/restoration


Featuring Shyla Raghav, Vice President of Climate Change at Conservation International


The facts

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25% of carbon emissions

Tropical deforestation and unsustainable land use practices accounts for 25% of annual carbon emissions

YUS Conservation Area 
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At least 30% of the solution

Stopping deforestation and restoring land that has already been cleared offer a third or more of the solution to climate change

The action

Want to fight climate change? Protect nature.

We still have time but we need to act now. Join the thousands who have stepped up to protect nature.