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EditPhoto Title:Success Stories from 2015
EditPhoto Description:Working with countries, companies and communities around the world, we are making a difference for all of us—for now, and for the future.
EditImage Url:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_64182042.jpg
EditImage Description:Alejandro Criollo, Shaman in A'I' Cofan Durano, Ecuador
EditPhoto Credit:© Lucas Bustamante
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    EditSection Title:People need nature
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    EditImage URL:/sitecollectionimages/ci_37246157.jpg
    EditImage Description:Elephants around a waterhole at dusk, Chobe National Park, Botswana.

    That simple truth inspires everything we do at Conservation International. We focus on protecting nature because it’s fundamental to ensuring a better life.

    Here we share six personal stories from the 27 countries and countless communities where CI works. You’ll meet individuals from Ecuador and Indonesia, where CI is helping to keep tropical forests healthy. You’ll see how a Tanzanian farmer is improving her yields. And you’ll learn how our partnership with Starbucks is leading a global transformation in coffee production that’s good for people and the planet.

    At CI, we’re listening to nature — and taking action to protect natural resources for all of us, now and for the future.

    Download the 2015 Impact Report (PDF)

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    EditPhoto Credit:© Ben McRae
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    Hear their stories:

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    EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_50511873.jpg
    EditImage Alt Text:Portrait of Amparo in coffee warehouse. © Cristina Mittermeier
    EditCaption Title:Better coffee, better lives
    EditCaption Description:For 15 years, Conservation International has been on an ambitious journey with Starbucks. Together, we’ve created a new way to...
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    EditRead More Link:/stories/Pages/Better-coffee-better-lives.aspx[Optional]
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    EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_28605961_Full.jpg
    EditImage Alt Text:Mama Churi in Tanzania, Africa. © Conservation International
    EditCaption Title:Providing insights for African farmers
    EditCaption Description:Mama Churi is a wife and mother in rural Tanzania. In addition to taking care of her young family, she also grows rice and...
    EditRead More Text:Read More
    EditRead More Link:/stories/Pages/Providing-insights-for-African-farmers.aspx[Optional]
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    EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_50160593.jpg
    EditImage Alt Text:Gopar, a farmer in Marancar Julu village, fishes for dinner in Marancar river in the Batang Toru watershed. © Conservation International/photo by Tory Read
    EditCaption Title:Farmers need nature
    EditCaption Description:Gopar, a farmer from Marancar, northern Sumatra, knows how important a healthy forest is for plant, animal and...
    EditRead More Text:Read More
    EditRead More Link:/stories/Pages/Farmers-need-nature.aspx[Optional]
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    EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_13162518.jpg
    EditImage Alt Text:Portrait of Luka Mossman. © Conservation International
    EditCaption Title:Bringing back fish for people in Hawai‘i
    EditCaption Description:Early Hawaiians had sophisticated fish pond aquaculture systems centuries before the arrival of Europeans...
    EditRead More Text:Read More
    EditRead More Link:/stories/Pages/Bringing-back-fish-for-people-in-Hawaii.aspx[Optional]
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    EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_87125607.jpg
    EditImage Alt Text:Medardo Ortiz on river boat. © Conservation International/photo by Peter Stonier
    EditCaption Title:People protecting forests
    EditCaption Description:For the Cofán people, the forest is everything: a house, a market, a pharmacy. So says Medardo, a husband, father and teacher who...
    EditRead More Text:Read More
    EditRead More Link:/stories/Pages/People-protecting-forests.aspx[Optional]
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    EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_72831126.jpg
    EditImage Alt Text:Aerial view, Belo-sur-Mer, Madagascar © Olivier Langrand
    EditCaption Title:Confronting climate change
    EditCaption Description:The effects of climate change are transforming impoverished countries across the world. As sea levels rise and traditional weather patterns shift, vulnerable communities...
    EditRead More Text:Read More
    EditRead More Link:/stories/Pages/Confronting-climate-change.aspx[Optional]
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