Quizzes about nature

Woman hiking in the rainforest in Thailand
© Fred Froese

Carbon Footprint Quiz

Let’s walk through a hypothetical day — from your morning workout to your evening entertainment — and see if you can identify which choices yield the smallest carbon footprint.

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Further questioning

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© Trond Larsen

Animals Assemble: Can You Name These Animal Groups?

A leap of leopards. A prickle of porcupines. Test your knowledge of the many peculiar names for gatherings of different animals.

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© Luciano Candisani/iLCP

Animal Quiz: ​​Pair Up or Play the Field?

For some species, monogamy doesn’t come naturally. Test your knowledge of animal love!​

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Coffee beans in an open burlap sack
© Migin

Do You Know Joe? The Coffee Quiz

Take this quiz to get a peek behind the beans and test yourself on how well you really know your coffee.

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© Olivier Langrand

A Match Made in Nature

Need a valentine? Mother Nature's got your perfect fit. Take our quiz to find your match made in nature.

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© Conservation International

Take the Earth Day Quiz

From trees to oceans, the Earth needs nature and so do you.

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Silhouette Of Tree Against Northern Lights In Jasper National Park
© Corey Hochachka/Design Pics/Corbis

What Force of Nature Are You?

Mother Nature is calling. Take this quiz and found out what she thinks about you.​

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Hammerhead sharks swimming in the ocean.
© Daniel Kwok/Flickr Creative Commons

What Kind of Shark Are You?

For people like us, every week is Shark Week. Take this fin-tastic personality quiz and unleash your inner shark!​

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Dark and stormy ocean off the coast of Canada. 
© shaunl

Ocean Quiz

Dive into this quiz on oceans and climate change.

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