Trunk to Tail: Test your elephant knowledge

How much do you think you know ​about the world’s largest land animal? Take the quiz.

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      In an effort to support the Sarara Initiative, Life is Good created this Limited-Edition Life is Good Sarara Elephant T-shirt. The design is inspired by the beautiful beadwork of the Samburu people and 100% of the net profits will help fund conservation initiatives in Africa.

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        Quiz photo credits: Background image © CI/photo by Russell A. Mittermeier; Question 1: Asian elephant © J. Maughn/Flickr Creative Commons, African elephant © Jon McCormack; Question 2 image © Trond Larsen; Question 3 image © Robert Caputo /Aurora Photos; Question 4: Tapir © baradarmova/Flickr Creativ​e Commons, Rhinoceros © Steve Slater/Flickr Creative Commons, Elephant shrew © MUSE, Museo delle Scienze/photo by Francesco Rovero, Rock hyrax © David Nunn/Flickr Creative Commons; Question 5 image © The International Fund for Animal Welfare/photo by Alex Hofford; Question 6 image © Brian Raisbeck​; Question 7 map graphics © Conservation International; Question 8 image © International Fund for Animal Welfare Animal Rescue; Question 9​ image © Jon McCormack; Elephant calf outcome image © Rod Mast; Wandering bull outcome image © Jon McCormack; Middle herd outcome image © Charlie Shoemaker; Head cow outcome image © Diana Robinson/Flickr Creative Commons

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        EditTweet Text:Celebrate #WorldElephantDay with @ConservationOrg. Test your knowledge with this eleFUN quiz.
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          EditImage Alt Text:Night falls over Rio de Janeiro. © Nikada
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          EditTitle:Science and Innovation
          EditImage Alt Text:Scientists set a camera trap. © Benjamin Drummond
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          EditTitle:The Ocean
          EditImage Alt Text:Coral reef in Viti Levu, Fiji, Oceania. © William Crosse
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