Tree Restoration Monitoring Framework

Field Test Edition

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Conservation International and World Resources Institute have created a field-tested framework that helps monitor the outcome and impacts of tree restoration projects. By combining data collected in the field with cutting-edge satellite monitoring that detects land-use changes, the framework evaluates whether investments in locally led tree restoration projects are achieving their expected impacts — from tree restoration to improving ecosystem services to providing jobs for communities living near project sites.

The Priceless Planet Coalition, an effort led by Mastercard to restore 100 million trees globally, is currently working in 18 sites around the world with the greatest potential for positive impacts on climate, communities and biodiversity. The coalition is guided by Conservation International and World Resources Institute, which employ science-based best practices for the selection, implementation and long-term monitoring of our restoration efforts.

In 2023, the two organizations will publish a peer-reviewed final version of the monitoring framework and encourage restoration projects around the world to adopt it.

Please contact Starry Sprenkle-Hyppolite and Edward Saenz for more information.


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