Global Green-Gray Community of Practice

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A hybrid green-gray approach to infrastructure — one that combines “green” ecosystem conservation and restoration with “gray” conventional engineering — can generate more benefits and climate resilience for people and nature than either strategy applied alone.


Our challenge

Green-gray infrastructure innovations are emerging, and not yet in common-use by engineers and practitioners globally. The faster we innovate, pilot, learn, and reach scale with green-gray techniques, the faster we can minimize, avoid, and even reverse continued biodiversity loss and climate breakdown.


Our solutions

The Global Green-Gray Community of Practice, created in 2020, is an international group working to:

Innovate and pilot new green-gray approaches
Expand science, engineering, and policy activity
Increase awareness of green-gray infrastructure’s applications across geographies and settings
Build a community to increase broad acceptance and use of these ideas and enable access to finance


New report from the Community of Practice

The Practical Guide to Implementing Green-Gray Infrastructure is a tool for identifying, funding, planning, designing, constructing, and monitoring green-gray infrastructure projects, to increase the resilience of vulnerable cities, communities, and assets around the world.

The Guide includes 35 case studies from around the world, identifies key challenges a practitioner may seek to resolve, and where green-gray solutions can meet project goals and integrate into different land use types.

As the Community of Practice continues to build the knowledge base about how to implement green-gray infrastructure solutions, we are committed to pre-competitive collaboration to create fertile ground for innovation and new partnerships within and across sectors.

This is a living document and the Community of Practice will continue to improve and update the Guide as new information is discovered and as design techniques evolve.

Please, put this guide to use and join us!

Download report (28MB)


Our members

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