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Notes from the field: Indigenous peoples protecting nature through tradition

By Kiley Price

April 29, 2020
Right now, around the world, the work of protecting nature and the climate is happening in the field — and achieving small triumphs that don’t make the news. Here are three recent conservation success stories you should know about.
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Study spawns new method to curb overfishing

By Sophie Bertazzo

April 12, 2017
A new study offers a clearer picture of whether the ocean’s fisheries can continue to feed humanity into the future.
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Where does half your wild-caught seafood come from? The answer may surprise you

By Sophie Bertazzo

January 11, 2017
Scattered across the world’s coasts, millions of fishers make up the community fisheries that help feed the world.
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Stopping overfishing? There’s an app for that

By Sophie Bertazzo

May 5, 2016
Overfishing continues to push global fish populations to the brink of collapse. Smartphone apps can help change that.
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Investigation finds rampant illegal fishing in Costa Rica

By Molly Bergen

March 28, 2016
Recent research by Conservation International’s Costa Rica office found that the problem is worse than previously thought.
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