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How climate change affects women differently — and what we can do about it

By Cassandra Kane

December 7, 2015
In rural communities around the world, women experience and respond to climate change in different ways than men — a fact often overlooked in climate policy.
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In reviving their traditions, Peruvian women find their voice

By Milagros Sandoval

September 18, 2015
Why is it important to think about gender when doing conservation work? In Peru, it means women can grow their knowledge of traditional plants and recover almost-lost ancestral traditions.
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Reconnecting with nature in the shadow of war

By Rui Pinto

July 13, 2015
After years of conflict, communities in Timor-Leste struggle to heal — and rebuild links to the ecosystems that sustain them.
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In Age of Upheaval, World Heritage Sites Offer Model for Conservation

By Russell A. Mittermeier, Ph.D.

June 5, 2015
If we fail to conserve World Heritage Sites, how can there be any hope that we can save the rest of our natural world?
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3 Reasons Timorese Women Aren’t More Involved in Conservation Efforts

By Kate Proud

August 5, 2014
The latest post in our “Gender + Conservation” blog series shares some interesting findings in Timor-Leste.
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