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New map pinpoints where people depend on nature the most

By Kiley Price

October 4, 2021
A new study is the first to quantify people’s dependence on nature, and underscores the extent of the threat that climate change and the destruction of nature pose to human life.
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© Giacomo Fedele

Meet a scientist: To adapt to climate change, this expert looks to nature

By Will McCarry

September 29, 2021
Conservation News spoke with Conservation international's Giacomo Fedele about the ways in which communities are adapting to rising temperatures on their own terms and how he manages to stay optimistic despite an uncertain climate future.
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Experts: To achieve global conservation goals, secure Indigenous rights

By Kiley Price

August 9, 2021
The global goal to protect nearly a third of Earth’s land and sea could help or hurt Indigenous peoples depending on how it is achieved.
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Meet a scientist: the fisheries aficionado

By Kiley Price

July 22, 2021
Ana Gloria Guzmán-Mora is the executive director of Conservation International’s Costa Rica program, where she works with local communities and governments to help them meet their goals for protecting the planet.
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Notes from the field: For communities, conservation brings business opportunities

By Kiley Price

January 21, 2021
Here are three recent conservation success stories you should know about.
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